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The Real Florida Experience Can Be Found at Airboat Rides at Midway

Wed, Dec 30, 2020 at 3:45PM

The Real Florida Experience Can Be Found at Airboat Rides at Midway
When you think of the real Florida experience, most people instantly think of the theme parks and other attractions that can be found in the Central Florida Area.

No one talks about the “Real Florida Experience” found at Airboat Rides at Midway. These experiences found during the airboat tours highlight the natural “old school” Florida; something that can’t be discovered in a zoo.

While most encounters cannot be guaranteed by the crew at Airboat Rides at Midway, visitors will enjoy the tour regardless.

“Airboat rides are an experience, they are exciting,” said Shawn Lockhart, the Owner’s Wife from Airboat Rides at Midway. “Airboats are like riding a Harley.”

The airboat tours that occur at Airboat Rides at Midway are just that: Tours. Sit back, and relax while you take a ride, speeding across the St. John’s River, with United States Coast Guard (USCG) Master Captain as your guide. The USCG has also inspected and certified each airboat in the fleet.

The stadium seats provide visitors with excellent visibility to catch wildlife in their natural habitat and allow for astounding photo opportunities. Two-way communication also allows for information to be passed between guides and visitors.

Each airboat tour and the "Real Florida Experience" is not complete until visitors partake in the free alligator encounter offered at Airboat Rides at Midway. Each journey ends with visitors being able to hold an actual live alligator while getting their picture taken.

There are plenty of pets that call Airboat Rides at Midway home also, so be sure to take a minute to introduce yourself to Porkchop the Pig, Coco the Cockatoo, Romeo the Amazon Parrot, and many more!

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