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The Midway Experience

Here’s why we’re the best airboat tour of the Central Florida Everglades:

  • Our airboat captains are U.S. Coast Guard Master Captains.
  • Our custom airboat fleet is U.S. Coast Guard Inspected and Certified.
  • We offer two-way communication with your guide so they can give you information about the everglades and answer your questions as you speed across the river.
  • Our airboats offer stadium seating for excellent visibility and amazing photo opportunities.
  • At the end of your airboat tour we offer our FREE Alligator Encounter where you can hold an alligator and take pictures!
Come for the airboats, stay for the animals!

We have plenty of animals located in our gift shop and around our property. For example, our beloved pig, Porkchop, loves to roam the grounds. You can usually find him lying by our back door or hanging down by the water. We also have snakes such as Baby, our 13-foot Burmese Python, and our birds Pecos, Romeo, and Coco. To learn more about them go to our Animals page.

We have air conditioning!

You can wait for your airboat in our air-conditioned gift shop where we offer refreshments, souvenirs, and clean restrooms! No port-o-potties here!

We have a long history on the St. Johns River!

If you’ve seen cabins on our property that’s because Midway first started as a true fish camp in the 1930s. People would line up just to come fish and hunt the immediate areas surrounding the fishcamp. The reason we’re called Midway is because we’re located midway between Orlando and the beaches. In the 1970s, Midway added the airboat adventures. Through the years the fish camp ultimately slowed and stopped, but the airboat tours remained and thrived.

Our long history on the St. Johns River allowed us to maintain our business on the popular river. Other airboat companies in the area must meet their customers at a public boat ramp or on the side of the road, but Midway offers a safe permanent location for you and your family to come and have an amazing airboat adventure, so book your tour today!

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