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The BEST AIRBOAT TOUR of the Central Florida Everglades!
 Why can we make this claim???
  • Our Airboat Captains are U.S. Coast Guard Master Captains
  • Custom Airboat Fleet is U.S. Coast Guard Inspected & Certified
  • Two-way Communication with your guide as you speed across the marsh
  • Stadium Seating for excellent visibility & photo opportunities
  • Included with each Airboat Tour is our FREE Alligator Encounter where you can hold an alligator and take pictures!
Exotic Birds, Turtles & Snakes Exhibit on display at the Gift Shop
  • Check out, Baby, our 13 ft Burmese Python & our 8 ft Red Tail Boa.
  • Be sure to say hello to some of our birds, Pecos, Romeo & Coco.
Our Gift Shop offers you Refreshments, Souvenirs & Clean Restrooms (Not Portolets!)
  • We are the ONLY AIRBOAT RIDE COMPANY in Orlando with a permanent facility. 
  • Airboat Rides at Midway is known as one of the First Attractions to offer Airboat Rides to the public in Central Florida since the early 80’s!
Why We're Different
Why Different
Coast Guard Certification
Why Different
Real Business
Why Different