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A guide to Airboat Rides at Midway.

Fri, Dec 08, 2023 at 5:05PM

A guide to Airboat Rides at Midway.

Florida, with its lush landscapes and diverse wildlife, offers an array of unique experiences for locals and visitors alike. One such exhilarating adventure is an airboat tour with the knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced staff at Airboat Rides at Midway.

Before you embark on this thrilling journey, here are ten essential things to know:

  1. Weather and Season Matter

Florida's climate varies, and the experience on an airboat tour. Warmer months bring humidity, while fall and winter offer cooler temperatures. Tours cannot run during rain, so check the weather on your tour day. During "Florida's winter," layer up, as the airboat's motion can bring a fifteen-degree temperature drop.

  1. Time of Day Is a Factor

The time you choose for your tour impacts the temperature, wildlife sightings, and weather risks. Cooler mornings in fall and winter may reduce alligator sightings, so opt for late morning or afternoon tours. In contrast, spring and summer mornings are preferable due to cooler temperatures.

  1. Wear Sunscreen

Being in an open-air custom airboat means exposure to the sun. Apply sunscreen even on overcast days, as clouds do not block harmful rays. Sunglasses are recommended, but skip the hat during the tour.

  1. You Are Safe

Airboat Rides at Midway prioritizes safety. The custom fleet of Airboats used at Airboat Rides at Midway are U.S. Coast Guard inspected and certified, and all captains are U.S. Coast Guard Certified Master Captains. The knowledgeable and experienced staff will lead you on an exciting adventure over the St. John’s River to give you a fun and unique experience.

  1. Bring a Camera

Capture the magic with your camera, as the airboat's stadium seating provides excellent visibility. Florida's wildlife, including alligators, bald eagles, and otters, can be immortalized in your photographs.

  1. It Will Be Windy

Prepare for wind speeds of up to 45 MPH. Secure long hair in a ponytail and avoid hats during the ride. A hairbrush or hat for post-tour styling is recommended.

  1. It Can Be Loud

Airboats use a unique, noise-producing engine. Airboat Rides at Midway supplies noise-canceling headsets for a more comfortable experience.

  1. You Will Learn a Lot

U.S. Coast Guard Certified Master Captains provide a narrated tour, offering fun facts about the St. John’s River, also known as the Central Florida Everglades. Prepare to be immersed in the "Real Florida" experience.

  1. You Will See Wildlife

The St. John’s River is a natural paradise teeming with wildlife. While sightings cannot be guaranteed due to weather or season; however, encounters with alligators, bald eagles, otters, and more are common.

  1. Your Wildlife Experience Continues

The one-hour tour is just the beginning. Afterward, Airboat Rides at Midway invites you to hold a baby alligator. Explore interactions with other animals like snakes, birds, and beloved pets, completing your ultimate Midway experience.


In the hands of Airboat Rides at Midway, you are guaranteed a real Florida experience. Book your tour today and let the adventure unfold with this friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced team.

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