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Take a Private Airboat Charter and Capture the Magic of Central Florida's Springtime.

Thu, Mar 09, 2023 at 4:11PM

Take a Private Airboat Charter and Capture the Magic of Central Florida's Springtime.

As winter fades away and spring begins to bloom, Central Florida becomes a hub of wildlife activity and an excellent time for nature photographers and videographers to get some rare and unique footage of the region's unique ecosystem during a private charter from Airboat Rides at Midway.

Springtime temperatures can feel like you are in the middle of the Florida summer sun sometimes. However, wildlife tends to be more active with these beautiful temperatures, giving guests a wonderful surprise. With a private airboat charter, you can explore the region's natural habitats with Airboat Rides at Midway’s knowledgeable and experienced USCG Master Captains who know the best places to find different wildlife.

The best season for birding in the Central Florida area is in the spring, as many species begin migrating North and some even nest in the area. Guests will be amazed as Eagles fly above the airboats and Peregrine Falcons perch at the top of trees taking in the sights from below, as they glide down the river. They may also enjoy spotting a cow or two as they bask in the sun on the riverbanks. The spring is also the beginning of alligator mating season, when male alligators become more active and aggressive as they slap the water, use infrasound, and bellow to gain the attention of females and warn other males to keep their distance, making it an ideal time to spot alligators in the wild.

At Airboat Rides at Midway, our airboat fleet is inspected and certified by the United States Coast Guard, ensuring that our boats are safe and reliable. So, get the camera’s ready and don’t miss out on the magic of Central Florida’s springtime on the St. John’s River. Book your private airboat charter with Airboat Rides at Midway today!

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