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Discover the St. Johns River Upper Basin Project with Airboat Rides at Midway.

Wed, Aug 16, 2023 at 3:02PM

Discover the St. Johns River Upper Basin Project with Airboat Rides at Midway.

Airboat Rides at Midway, your gateway to the Real Florida Experience, is excited to offer the new and exclusive full-day tour, exploring the beginning of the St. Johns River with the magnificent St. Johns River Upper Basin Project (USJRBP).

The USJRBP is a remote and isolated area, and we want to ensure that all participants understand the nature of this journey. The tour is limited to six passengers, allowing for an intimate and immersive experience.

Airboat Rides at Midway is a premier airboat tour company in Christmas, FL, that prides itself on delivering an unforgettable adventure through the breathtaking landscapes of the St. Johns River. Our custom United States Coast Guard-inspected and certified fleet of airboats ensures your safety and comfort throughout the journey.

As the sun rises, you will meet at Midway Airboat Rides, where the journey begins, with Captain Ken Snyder, who is no ordinary guide, and a recent retiree from the St. Johns River Water Management District as the Environmental Sciences Field Program Supervisor for the USJRBP. He is ready to take guests 70 miles south to the airboat launch location to set off on an extraordinary expedition that lasts approximately 12 hours and allows guests to explore the otherwise unreachable interior of this world-renowned wetland restoration project, thanks to his expertise in the field.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, an environmental student, or simply seeking an extraordinary experience, Airboat Rides at Midway invites you to participate in this exclusive full-day tour. Unveil the secrets of the St. Johns River Upper Basin Project with us and witness the wonders of Real Florida like never before.

Are you up for the challenge? Contact Midway today to schedule the tour for your group and secure your spot on this extraordinary adventure! Don't miss out on this chance to explore the hidden gem of Florida's wetlands with the experts at Airboat Rides at Midway. See you soon!

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